Manowce Plein Air II

September should definitely be called the month of vernissages, open-air events and contact with art! We had the honour of hosting thirteen outstanding artists in the Palace. For a week and a half they created their paintings and sculptures. Ewa Hernik was the commissioner of the open-air event, and here is the list of artists:

Mirosława Skoczek-Wojnicka
Barbara Lawenda
Karolina Maria Gołębiowska
Iwo Birkenmajer
Czesław Romanowski
Andrzej Hamera
Krzysztof Ludwin
Michał Bajsarowicz
Krystyna Rudzka-Przychoda
Joanna Śmielowska-Jaremin
Anna Kuchniak
Leszek Kuchniak

The plein air was crowned with a unique and atmospheric vernissage. In one place, our guests had the opportunity to admire the works of 13 artists, painters and sculptors. Among them are names appreciated and recognizable on the art market in Poland and abroad. Their works hang in many galleries and private collections of art experts.

Guests at the opening had the opportunity to listen to a unique harpsichord concert performed by Dr. Agnieszka Roguska (Gerda Arnoldsen). The Metrum Szczecin Historical Reconstruction Association – lovers of the 18th century – and the Retro Vibes group gave us a great surprise, because their members attended the opening wearing costumes from past eras.