Manowce Slow Food 2024

On February 3 we organized a unique event in Manowce together with the Slow Food organization. Slow Food is an organization and a social movement bringing together people interested in protecting the traditional cuisine of various regions of the world. The organization was founded in 1986 by food critic Carlo Petrini in Italy as a resistance to the growing popularity of fast food bars, and soon spread to 160 countries and currently brings together over 2,000 local groups. The main points of the Slow Food movement programme are: promotion of local and traditional methods of food production, promoting the culture of food consumption, i.e. celebrating and enjoying meals instead of quickly filling our stomachs, as well as buying fresh food from local sources. Our partner was Mr. Andrzej Buławski, the head of the local Slow Food group.

The most important thing was the food. The tasting dinner was prepared by invited chefs with their teams: Tomasz Madera (Park Hotel Szczecin), Przemysław Staniek (Seaside Park Hotel Kołobrzeg), Grzegorz Nowicki (Hotel Aquarius SPA Kołobrzeg), Augustine Nsai (former chef at Hotel Dr Irena Eris Spa Polanica Zdrój ) and Czesław Mikołajczyk (RumClub Restaurant). They were helped by Filip Ondrušek, a talented young Slovak chef. The event aroused exceptionally great interest. Tickets sold out within three days and the reserve lists were bursting at the seams!

The dinner was accompanied by a competition for the chefs of Slow Food dishes. The winner of the competition was Tomasz Madera (Park Hotel Szczecin). The chairman of the jury was our special guest, Mr. Adam Gessler, an icon of the restaurant industry and real cuisine.

We would like to thank the chefs and their teams, our special guest and other participants, as well as our partners and sponsors, for their participation and support. Special thanks to the Platinum Partner – Land Rover Bońkowscy British Auto, Gold Partner – Dr Stachura Clinic and media partner – Prestiż Szczecin magazine. We would also like to thank partners who provided various goods: Dom Wina, Złoty Widelec, Bidfood Farutex and Chefs Culinar.