Milkies, breast-milk jewellery
Photo shoot at Manowce Palace

Recently, Manowce Palace hosted an unusual photo shoot. It was unique because the product it featured is truly unique – breast-milk jewellery. We were pleased to host not only young mums but also a bunch of kids, including babies. The session resulted in marvellous photographs by Daniel Stokowiec and a video produced by Mavision. Selected pictures and the video can be viewed on the Milkies website, on their social media profiles and in their promotional materials.

Milkies jewellery are handcrafted keepsakes that commemorate the unique bond formed between a mother and child during breastfeeding. A few drops of milk are infused into each pearl, then set in silver or gold to create a personalised memento. The jewellery is made entirely by hand. The mother’s milk and other keepsakes of biological origin undergo a unique process of preservation devised by Milkies. Following that, the material is fixed with jeweller’s resin. This processing technology has a great impact on the durability of the pearls and their milky-white qualities.